Want to lose weight or the figure of your dreams!

Modern girl cares a lot of questions, and one of them is – “How to lose 10 pounds?”! Struggle with weight does not rest as the ladies in age, and young persons. And each stood at the mirror, you are sure to find a flaw in her figure. That just is not ready to go the fair sex for the sake of a slim waist and graceful legs… But many are making mistakes, struggling with excess weight only diet or only fitness! Win pounds only complex influence of diet, sport and cosmetic procedures, will help in the shortest possible time to force your body to burn fat and achieve the shape you have! So the diet…the best way to lose weight and most importantly keep it off – this is a moderate decrease in caloric intake. Nutritionists, for safe and healthy weight loss suggest to reduce the amount of calories you take by 20%. This figure is considered to be safe and effective for weight loss! Of course, this approach will not ensure you getting rid of 10 pounds in a month…but as the saying goes: “slow and steady wins…”. So, we conclude that the best diet for weight loss not good for us… we are for healthy weight loss! Make small adjustments to your diet – increase the percentage of protein, adding in your diet eggs, dairy products, boiled lean meat, seafood, plenty of vegetables and fruit that will provide your body with fiber and vitamins. But do not forget about the fats that are necessary for our body, including in the period of the diet. Choose the “right” fats: salmon, avocado, nuts. Divide the meals into 4-5 pieces, perfect porridge, and for lunch prefer light soups and salads, seasoned with lemon juice, as a snack, choose fruit, yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese. Eat dinner no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime. For dinner, give preference to protein products, diluting their not starchy vegetables.

But diet without fitness ineffective, so definitely 2-3 times a week make in your schedule of training. It is best to burn fat suitable for aerobics, Jogging and swimming. A great option is aerobics and dancing.Choose like and go for it! Movement – life!

Well, to speed up the process of connected beauty treatments. Perfect wraps for weight loss, they saturate the skin with useful substances, perfectly tighten it and of course fight off cellulite! These services are provided by almost all beauty salons, but if the opportunity to visit not, then you can easily repeat it at home. In choosing components for home body wraps can include fantasy, great seaweed, clay, essential oils of citrus. Modern cosmetic industry offers a huge amount of industrial funds. Repeat the wrapping procedure a course of 10-15 treatments and the result will not wait!

By following these simple rules, you will promptly get rid of excess weight and attain the body of your dreams!

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