The rules of healthy eating

I want to share the rules that really give results. I read a lot of literature on the topic of healthy eating and have tried to find a simple to use but very effective tips.

The main rule: do not create stressful situations for your body. No need to drastically change your habits as in food and in other areas. Always need to act gradually. Can’t say I always fully comply with all the rules, but most of them have already entered into a habit, the positive effect of which is obvious. First of all, this healthy skin, more energy, strong immune system, the desire to evolve and improve!

Here are the rules healthly eating:

1.First of all, you need to remove from the diet of unnatural foods (canned food, sweets, fizzy drinks, pastry, etc.);

2. Daily drink good quality raw water 1.5-2 liters (30ml per 1kg of weight), but not to drink during meals;

3.Food should be taken only in cases of sensations of hunger, in small portions and during limited hours(preferably, every 3-3. 5 hours);

4.50% of the diet should be raw foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs);

5.Remember that fruit is a separate meal and do not take them for dessert;

6.Do not mix in one meal proteins (meat, fish, cheese, nuts) and carbohydrates(cereals, potatoes, pasta …)

7.I highly recommend to reduce the consumption of meat ( 3-4 times a week);

8.Food must be thoroughly chewed;

9.Breakfast should be late, and dinner early;

10. Regularly cleansing the body;

11. Don’t combine eating with other activities (watching TV, reading books, etc.)

To this list I would add such an item as regular use of high quality dietary supplements. It’s not a rule, but very effective aid to our body in recovery.

I will discuss each item in their following articles. As it is important to not only know, but understand that it gives us, and then the process of change occurs with minimal losses.

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