The principles of healthy nutrition : diet plan

What diet to choose? How soon will be the result? Not hurt health? These questions are asked by many, and from a wide variety of information in magazines and on the Internet my head is spinning. Our answer is simple: the best diet is a healthy eating habits, observing that, not just to tidy up your appearance, but also to improve health, and it is even more important!

After all, any correction of the diet – first and foremost- not to harm health. All about fast weight loss.

The first principle of healthy eating: no more chips and burgers!

The main problem of nutrition of modern man is that he used a lot there, but fewer moves. People used to have “when necessary” and rarely think about the fact that the standard portion is too conventional unit of measurement for someone can be several times more than the norm. But no – we used to eat it all before empty plates, and then wonder excess inches around the waist. And besides, how many people think that healthy food is not chips and burgers, no chocolate bars and no fries. What if you just start to notice how often you chew something at your Desk, drinking tea or coffee with chocolates…

The second principle of healthy eating: self-control – don’t overeat!

So, what are the principles of healthy eating? The first of these is simple and banal: you need to eat only when really hungry! But it does not “jam” stress, anxiety or just a bad mood – Yes, indeed, “want”, but… here you need to learn how to interpret their own desires. To suppress appetite not worth it though, because otherwise the body gets used to the lack of calories and will slow down the metabolism. It is better to remember that there are healthy foods that can be eaten without regard: vegetables, fresh herbs.

The third principle of healthy eating: fresh food.

Following the principle that food should be fresh as possible. No need to prepare salads for the future, is based “on tomorrow.” If you are lazy to cut vegetables every time – better to eat them whole for maximum benefit.

The fourth principle of healthy eating: organic foods!

You still want to follow the principles of healthy eating? Then you must delete from the menu crushed grains, refined oils and glossy fruit, rubbed with paraffin. Food should be natural. And minimally processed: salad “Olivier” with boiled vegetables is all well and good, but fresh washed carrot with garlic is much better! And, besides, faster is being prepared.

The fifth principle of healthy eating: helps the body!

The principles of a healthy diet is also a number. As someone said of sages, if you can’t get up from the table, you don’t overeaten – you were poisoned! And that’s it.

Everyone knows that it is better not to eat at night. But the morning is not a reason for immediate hike from the bed to the fridge! It is known that the body in the morning (i.e. before noon) is best separated from slags, and if you help him, using this time a little more fresh fruit and herbal teas – the effect will not keep itself waiting long.

The sixth principle of healthy eating: foods of animal origin

In the diet in any case should not dominate the products of animal origin. The prevalence of fresh vegetables and herbs over all other components of the menu – this is the main principle of healthy nutrition!

The seventh principle of healthy eating: food compatibility

How often during cooking of a particular dish, think about compatibility of different products? But when you use different products the body releases various enzymes (saliva, bile, gastric juice, intestinal microflora), which are not always compatible! Therefore, if there are doubts about the compatibility of products – it is better to simplify the menu than to poison the body.

Having read to the end of any material about diets, I’m sure many will wonder – how many pounds in what period of time can be reset by following the principles of healthy eating? Maybe we someone will disappoint, but not for the pursuit arrow weights you need to eat right. We are talking primarily about health, a healthy body is always beautiful, no standards!

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