The principles of a balanced diet

Overweight at least once in his life faced, perhaps, each. Basically, this problem is concerned, of course, women, because they strive for perfection and want to stay always slim. However, the last time as his body began to pay attention and men.

Come to ideal forms, losing weight by a few pounds, many are trying or due to refusal of food intake, either through diet, while believing that the less they eat the faster you will lose weight. Unfortunately, reducing the amount of food that people do not lose weight and continue to gain weight.

In order to become leaner, to eat less is not enough – the key is to do it right and balanced. And just a balanced diet without sacrificing health will help to get rid of extra pounds, and yet he is full of strength and energy.

The principles of a balanced diet for weight loss

The basic principles of a balanced diet for weight loss are:

– correct ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Almost all nutritionists agree that the daily diet of a healthy person with an average physical load should consist of carbohydrates 50-60%, fats 25-30% and proteins 10-15%.

– proper separation between meals calories – the so-called 25-50-25 rule, when Breakfast should account for 25% of calories for lunch 50% for dinner, respectively, 25%.

– counting calories. Spend your time counting several times a day calories, I will agree not everyone, but roughly imagine how many calories contains a particular dish not interfere.

– the consumption of sufficient amounts of water. To see how much water it will take so your body is not difficult – for this you need to multiply your weight in kilograms by 30 ml.

– regular exercise. The best time for sport – for a couple of hours before eating.

Balanced diet

To eat balanced and lose weight simultaneously will help the enrichment of the diet low-calorie foods that contain fiber, and fiber: fresh vegetables and fruits, poultry, fish, lean beef, breads flour, bran and seafood. From drinks to your diet it is best to include non-carbonated water, fresh vegetable and fruit juices.

Wise to include in your diet and vegetables with a negative energy value – carrots, turnips, cabbage, beets and turnips. Digesting these foods, the body expends a tremendous amount of energy to assimilate, much more than it stands out from the being in the stomach.

Balanced diet for weight loss – it is also a number of limitations. From your diet will need to exclude foods such as: eggs, canned food, meat products (sausages), fat milk and dairy products, fatty meats, sauces, sweet dishes (glazed syrok), and sugar (not more than 2 times a week), fried foods, black tea, alcohol, coffee and carbonated beverages.

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