The cabbage soup diet

All variety of diets, perhaps, the least talking about the diet of cabbage. And for good reason. After all, say nutritionists, it can help very effective to lose weight 4-7 pounds a week. In addition, cabbage helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body.

It would be easier cabbage? And in fact it is rich in trace elements, minerals in high concentration, contains fructose and glucose, cellulose, pectin, starch, vitamin C, mustard oil, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, etc. It looks to be even more valuable if you take into account the very low calorie cabbage – twenty calories per hundred grams.

In diet can include all known types of cabbage that can make a difference. During the diet, eliminated alcohol, sugar, flour products, limited salt.

The classical cabbage soup diet

Classic cabbage soup diet is quite simple and short – just seven days.

There is a very simple version of this diet: Breakfast – unsweetened coffee lunch – cabbage soup or fresh cabbage, which can be flavored with a small amount of vegetable oil (preferably unrefined), and for dinner lean meat or fish in the amount of two hundred grams, or the same two hundred grams, but yogurt.

A day on lunch can add one egg. If hard to shift the feeling of hunger between meals, you can eat only the cabbage, and any of your soul.

Meals are not salt and drink up to two liters of water (green tea).

If this diet scares monotony, there are also more diverse, in which the days differ in the composition of the products.

A diet based on sauerkraut

In addition, there are diet techniques based on the use of sauerkraut. It is, however, recommended to use a week and only four days.

Day one: Breakfast – slice of bread (made of flour), 175 grams of low fat cottage cheese; lunch – one pear, one hundred grams of pork, two hundred grams of cabbage, saute all together; dinner – salad consisting of half the cucumber, half of a radish, pickled cabbage (one hundred fifty grams), four radishes and season with yogurt (75 grams) and one spoon ground nuts.

Day two: Breakfast – mix one banana, cereal (not more than a tablespoon) 150 grams yogurt (low-fat); lunch – soup, of course, from the cabbage; dinner – salad with grilled salmon (150 g), cabbage (200 grams) and lemon juice.

Day three: Breakfast – salad: orange, a hundred and fifty grams of cottage cheese, sunflower seeds; lunch, side roast (150 grams) and sauerkraut in the same amount; dinner – pancakes three potato salad four large grapes and a hundred grams of sauerkraut.

Fourth day: Breakfast – muffin (again, from wheat flour), thirty grams of Gouda, half of an Apple; lunch – beef (two hundred grams), braised with pineapple and pickled cabbage (one hundred fifty grams) dinner – salad, consisting of one hundred grams of sour cabbage, three tomatoes, one hundred and twenty five grams of pork cuts.

But it is worth remembering that the cabbage soup diet is not recommended for diabetics, people with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, with severe the degree of obesity and in case of violation of renal function.

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