Proteins in products. Muscle mass

Proteins in foods are a determining factor in the choice of nutrition in sports such as bodybuilding and powerlifting, as this component is the building blocks for our muscles.

In General, protein is the basis of all life on the planet. It consists not only of our muscles, but also absolutely all the tissues, whether it is the skin, or, for example, nails. Each cell consists of a certain set of amino acids, which are further synthesized in the necessary for the construction of a particular tissue chain. It is for this protein in the products-the primary goal of any security officer. Otherwise muscle mass not in sight. Moreover, if the body is deficient in this component, the body will start using its own, from muscle tissue. This is unacceptable.

During muscle building, bodybuilders consume a huge amount of protein. More about WEIGHT LOSS.

What products contain protein?

The most protein-rich foods are meat, fish, as well as eggs and dairy products. The undisputed leader of the protein chicken egg. But its essence is not even in the amount of protein itself, but in its quality and digestibility, which is close to 100%. Basically, this product is used in the morning, for Breakfast. Chicken eggs make an excellent protein-carbohydrate complex together with porridge “Hercules” or similar products. Eggs for muscle growth-an indispensable product. For analysis, use this: table of protein in foods.

As for the meat, there is a favorite-chicken, or rather chicken Breasts. The protein content of this product is also very high, but among other things, chicken Breasts – diet meat, which has virtually no fat, which means that this product can be used in large quantities, without fear of gaining excess weight in the form of fat deposits. But you can’t go far on one chicken and its eggs. The body needs variety, in the form of different protein foods. This diversity can be compensated by the use of lean beef and fish.

Among the variety of fish products, the most popular tuna, which is also a lot of protein and almost no fat. But all that we have listed above – products containing protein, but animal. But we in addition to its needed and plant.

Vegetable in large quantities contained in legumes (beans, beans and so on). In its structure, it is different from the “meat” and no less useful.

To gain high-quality muscle mass, we need a complex diet rich in both animal and vegetable protein to create complete amino acid chains. Therefore, when bodybuilding, you need to carefully plan your diet and pay attention to the protein content in the products.

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