Learning to relax without harm to the figure

Vacation for our person is another test of our body’s strength. And the rest of the program “all inclusive” is generally a struggle for survival. We want to eat a lot and eat too much alcohol, and not to get sick. Is this possible? Let’s discuss this issue.

One of the main conditions for survival on vacation, the balance between exercise and the amount of calories eaten. For a lover to eat well and a lot, an option with additional swimming and Cycling around the city. Such exercises are available for most people. If your vacation will be on the territory of our country, you can use the Soviet simulator, catamaran. Combine a water walk and physical activity.

For a fun holiday at the sea, you can buy inflatable mattresses and it does not matter to you whether the beach is busy or not, because you can sunbathe right in the sea ๐Ÿ™‚

Other sports may not be helpful enough in this matter. Playing beach volleyball, tennis, etc.are not suitable for everyone, since it is necessary to consume calories to the cells of the body received a certain amount of oxygen. If you are out of breath, your cells will not get more oxygen, the process of calorie consumption slows down. If you still prefer the game as a physical activity, then decide whether it is suitable for you. To do this, try to talk during the game, if you do not have enough air, then this activity is too intense. If you can not only speak, but even sing, then you do not load your body enough.

When doing sports, remember, you are resting and not preparing for the Olympic games.

And on vacation you can try to start playing in the Forex market-believe me it’s a lot more fun eating food and drinking alcohol, and for health benefit.

Gluttony during rest, for us it is quite natural behavior. We arrange not only a celebration of the soul, but also the stomach. That’s just a set of excess weight, not the Luggage that you would like to take home. The main thing here is the right attitude.

Let’s consider several ways to help maintain the shape and not to infringe on our appetites.

Nutritionists advise to reduce the intervals between meals, i.e. you need to eat every 2-3 hours. This will help to accelerate metabolism, and hence the consumption of calories. Doctors believe it is helpful for the body a six-time supply. That doesn’t mean you fill your stomach six times a day. You simply divide the meal into three light snacks and three main meals.

Breakfast should be good. Ie pancakes with honey, or cereal with milk will not help here. To begin, eat lasagna, a couple or three eggs with one yolk, but then you can eat your favorite pancakes or Breakfast. The trick of this method of Breakfast is that while eating proteins and simple carbohydrates, proteins inhibit the digestion of simple carbohydrates, blood sugar remains the same. And you don’t get extra fat deposits.

One of the main problems on vacation, a multiple increase in the volume of food. There’s only one way to fight this, one meal, one plate. Take a plate and put food in it, what went in, eat. And the rest you’ll try next time. Large volumes of food, and the greater its diversity will have a negative impact on your digestion. take care of your stomach and it won’t let you down.

Consider not only food but also drinks. Many hotels offer a variety of drinks to quench your thirst, based on concentrates. Drink better ordinary bottled water, it is better to quench your thirst and not load your body with additional calories.

And finally, our favorite spirits. Remember, they are all high-calorie, such as 100 grams of vodka is 200 calories. Limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages if possible.

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