Is it possible to eat after six o’clock in the evening?

This question is often of interest to many people. For a good figure, you say, you can abandon the evening meal. But sometimes hard to do, especially if you have to work late and by the evening all thoughts are only dream about the delicious dinner in a cozy atmosphere. You need to have incredible willpower to deny myself this pleasure. But do not worry, just carefully read the proposed article. Who knows, maybe you can afford to eat after six.

Glands, hormones and appearance

On the way a person looks, or what his metabolism, how you distribute fat on his body, a great influence is hormones. In our body there are four sources of production of such hormones. This adrenal glands, ovaries, thyroid gland and pituitary gland. Depending on, which of the following glands is the main in your body, you can determine the diet that you need. Carefully analyze your body type, we can accurately determine which of the glands is the main.

Again carefully look at yourself

If you are the owner of flexible and slender body, small Breasts and not very pronounced waist your pituitary gland. When you recover, you quickly receive the tummy. You are one lucky girl, you can afford to eat after six, although the most favorable time for a meal – the first half of the day. Small advice on nutrition : try to eat less sweets, fatty and salty foods; Breakfast cereals, cheese and wholemeal bread; lunch, give preference to proteins ( meat, fish, eggs and cottage cheese ) in the evening give preference to lean meat or fish and vegetable salad.

Figure women, dominant gland in the body which is thyroid, hourglass. This type has rounded hips and mouthwatering Breasts, which with age may increase in volume. Happy owner of this type of figure is rarely overweight, excess fat is distributed throughout the body evenly, and unwanted a few pounds does not spoil the appearance. Small nutrition advice : try all the calories you need , spread evenly over the whole day, then you can afford to eat after six ; try to include in your diet protein at every meal ; in the mornings and at lunch try to eat bread, cereals and beans (this will help you to maintain the normal glucose level will allow you not to eat an excessive amount of sweet that will support your mood is normal ) ; for dinner you can afford a bit of protein foods with a salad of fresh vegetables.

If you are the owner of petite, puffy shapes in the hips and buttocks, your lead gland – ovaries. You can afford to eat after six, because your metabolism is highest in the evening. Let the only caveat : if you throughout the day eat a little, it is likely that, in the evening allow yourself much more freedom than they should. The result is a rapid increase even more appeal forms. Small nutrition advice : try to be sure to eat Breakfast; avoid big breaks between meals ; include in your dinner more fiber ( wholemeal bread, buckwheat ) ; exclude from the supper, if he’s really late, red meat, spices, desserts and butter.

If your dominant gland is the adrenals, you are the owner of a sports figure and beautiful, strong legs. Beautiful Breasts and not very pronounced waist and buttocks , fat tends to accumulate in the abdomen, chest and shoulders, while leaving a youthful, shapely legs. Unfortunately, eating after six you is strictly prohibited. Small nutrition recommendations : in order not to experience severe hunger in the evening, try during the day to eat more often ( little and strictly by the hour ) ; in your diet is important should take the place of fish, lean poultry, vegetables, fruit, eggs and cottage cheese; pork and beef sausages you’d better eliminate completely; if the evening of irresistible you feel hungry, eat a couple of citrus fruits, for example oranges, or grapefruit.

Modern nutritionists say that if you don’t eat for a long time, the body receives much stress and at the first opportunity to obtain food starts stockpiling of any product, eaten by you, turns into fat. Doctors say, in their opinion, a big gap meals provokes the formation of stones in the gallbladder. To eat or not eat after six – you decide for yourself, but if you really love, then make the right decision.

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