Grapefruit diet – weight loss

Grapefruit diet is a fast diet, which appeared in the thirties. It has several other names, one of which is a Hollywood diet. Many years have passed, and the diet is still popular and loved by many dieters people.

The essence of Grapefruit diet

The main essence of grapefruit diet is that eating this product,grapefruit diet it influences your body shape, burning fat. And it happens due to the fact that the composition of grapefruit has a component which is interacting with proteins, the effect is

The diet was developed in order to enable you to quickly lose weight the appointed date or event. However, there is an opinion that the weight lost during the diet out initially due to the fluid and not the fat.

Therefore, to maintain weight after a diet at the level you have achieved during it, will be difficult. Because as you begin to increase caloric intake, weight will return. That is why the grapefruit diet should only be used in extreme cases when other weight loss method is not suitable.

Given the fact that the grapefruit diet is not considered well-balanced and harmless, to use it for a long time without the permission of the doctor it is impossible. Before you sit on the grapefruit diet, necessarily go consult a doctor.

Get his permission and only after that think whether you are ready to risk health for the sake of losing weight. A contraindication to the diet are considered to be diseases of the stomach. For example, gastritis, gastric ulcer. Still it is necessary to exclude the possibility of an allergic reaction to citrus.

Calorie grapefruit diet varies approximately from 800 to 1000 kcal, which is extremely small for normal human life. Experts claim that this meager diet will help to lose weight regardless of whether it grapefruit or not.

Grapefruit is a low calorie food, great for diets. It contains a lot of fiber and vitamin C.

It will not only lose weight, but to cleanse, to remove excess liquid and harmful substances. This will improve the condition of your skin and nails. Hair will be soft and silky. To secure this effect, use Flaxseed oil for hair.

One of the main disadvantages of this diet is considered monotonous food that will bother you the next day. For this reason, many people can not stand such a diet and refuse from this diet, starting the search for a more gentle option. Not only for your psychological health but also physical.

Specialists, nutritionists recommend often to stick to the diet, so as not to harm your health.

For it is better to choose diet pink grapefruit, as its structure more beta-carotene. If you just love this product, then you can use it before eating, but it must be well balanced in minerals, fats, proteins and carbohydrates. To eat after seven in the evening on the grapefruit diet, is strictly prohibited.

Also, you need to abandon the use of salt, spices and sauces, as salt prevents the withdrawal of the liquid, and spices inflame the appetite. And during the diet is useless.

Meat and fish products should not be fat. However, it may be canned, which are cooked in their own juice. During the diet you will eat three times a day, but snacks should be deleted entirely. In extreme cases, only allowed to drink a Cup of yogurt, only not in the evening. Yogurt can be replaced with one Apple or one orange. Sometimes allowed to drink unsweetened coffee or green tea.

It is believed that in one week you can lose about four to five extra pounds.

Menu Grapefruit diet

Consider a detailed menu, which you will need to stick to for weeks – the entire duration of the diet. Longer time to apply the diet in order not to harm your health.

The first day

Breakfast: one grapefruit or squeeze the juice out of it and don’t add sugar, 50 grams of high quality ham without fat and fat, tea or coffee without sugar.

Lunch: salad from any non-starchy vegetables, greens, seasoned with lemon juice, one medium grapefruit.

Dinner: 150 grams of raw meat to roast on the grill or boiled, salad of green vegetables and herbs, the tea, add a teaspoon of honey.

Day two

Breakfast: one grapefruit or squeeze the juice out of it and don’t add sugar, two boiled eggs, drink without sugar.

Lunch: 50 grams of cheese fat content of not more than 30 % or 150 grams of cottage cheese, one medium grapefruit.

Dinner: 200 grams (one serving) of lean fish, grilled or poached, a large portion of salad from green vegetables and herbs with a lemon-olive dressing, 20 grams of black bread.

Day three

Breakfast: one grapefruit or squeeze the juice out of it and add the sugar and dessert that consists of tablespoons of muesli or cereal, a spoon of raisins, a spoon of nuts (exclude peanuts) 4 tablespoons fat-free yogurt.

Dinner: portion of vegetable soup with a few crackers, one medium grapefruit.

Dinner: a portion (200 grams) low fat chicken boiled or grilled, two tomatoes, baked in the oven. Drink without sugar. Before bed half a grapefruit.

Day four

Breakfast: one Cup high-quality tomato juice (it is better to prepare yourself), one boiled egg, a drink without sugar.

Lunch: big salad of green vegetables and carrots, greens, season with olive-lemon dressing. A toast or a slice of bread.

Dinner: 2 servings (400 grams) of any boiled vegetables, except corn and potatoes. You can drink tea or grapefruit juice (one grapefruit).

Day five

Breakfast: salad of Apple, grapefruit, orange, lemon drink (coffee or tea).

Lunch: one potato must be baked in the oven, prepare a salad of any green vegetables and cabbage (one serving = 200 grams).

Dinner: large portion (250 grams) of chicken or fish. You can boil or bake in the oven or on the grill. Only chicken you must first remove the skin and fat. You can drink tomato juice or bake some tomatoes in the oven. Before bedtime, eat a grapefruit or drink the juice from one grapefruit.

The sixth and seventh day

These days you can choose any of the menu above, and follow it.

Such a diet you will have during the grapefruit diet. On the one hand it seems to be not scarce, but very far from a correct and rational. It is believed that the diet for the grapefruit diet contains large amounts of essential micronutrients that are required for normal functioning.

Reviews about diet is mixed. For someone diet to be effective, and someone not only lost weight, but gained such undesirable reactions, as belching and allergies and indigestion.

So sitting on this diet can only be healthy people who are not afraid of the consequences of weight loss.

Conclusion Grapefruit diet

From all written above it can be concluded that this diet is not so bad, if it sits a man with perfect health, and who really wants to lose weight.

Excluding all contraindications and allergic reactions to citrus, you have a chance during the week to get a more slender body.

However, one should not forget that without exercise you run the risk that your skin when losing weight becomes flabby. So it is at least a minimum set of exercises to perform. Don’t forget that you can perform additional procedures, which will contribute to weight loss. If you find it hard to diet for a whole week, then try to apply one discharge day on grapefruit. This will help you enter the mainstream and reduce the diet.

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