Diet for weight loss on the water

One of the simplest diet is a diet on the water. This is the easiest way to get rid of excess weight, when you can’t adhere to a strict diet diet and to give up their favorite foods during the diet. This diet does not provide restrictions and that is its big plus. Diet for weight loss water different from other diets is the fact that it is available to all, and to what extent the campaign on the everyday lifestyle.

Every time should drink 15-20 minutes before meals 2 cups of water. You can eat anything you want. It is also recommended during the meal and after it for 2 hours nothing to drink. After 2 hours you can drink green tea without sugar, coffee, but no snacks (cookies, candy, cake), or you start eating again. Because even the smallest bite is considered a full meal, so be sure to drink at least a minimum of a glass of water, despite the fact that you eat an Apple or just a piece of candy. The amount of fluid should not exceed 2.5 L. For those who are not accustomed to use water in such large quantities, the first days can be difficult, then you can start the diet with 2 glasses of water before eating food and one.

Results weight loss on the water

In two weeks, a diet for weight loss on water, you can lose about 10 extra pounds. The principle of the diet is quite simple: eat before the food the water brings you the feeling of a partially full stomach. So the appetite is reduced because of the resulting feelings of satiety. Through this you consume fewer calories while eating. Besides the water itself has zero calories. And one of the major advantages of this diet is that it promotes an efficient metabolism, because of this obtained the fats from food are not delayed, and fully utilized by the body.It is important to not forget one thing: the liquid is drunk before eating, must be water, no gas and clean. Should be excluded from the diet of sugary soda, fruit drinks, juices, as they are sources of extra calories.Still I advise to drink water with pleasure. If your body does not need such a large amount of water, there is no benefit from her underclothes consumption will not. To stick to this diet impossible for people with kidney problems.

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