Date diet : lose weight

Usually all of the diet based on limited consumption of foods containing a rather high amount of calories. Despite this, people with excessive body mass with great difficulty refusing himself the pleasure to pamper yourself with something sweet. Because of this, there is a failure of the system power and set extra weight. In this case, the sweet-lovers can begin to comply with the fruit diet.

Date diet is not less healthy than protein and vitamin diet, however, has several unique features. At first glance it may seem strange, but the dates that contain a lot of nutritional carbohydrates, it is rather valuable dietary product. They are one of the main sources of minerals, particularly calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, potassium, sodium, and vitamins E, C, A, B. All of these components positively affect the skin, nails, hair, liver health, eyes, cardiovascular system. Moreover, the mixture of such organic substances as glucose and fructose comprising dates, quickly absorbed by the human body and helps to increase activity of brain cells.

It may seem strange, but the dates are especially calorie, however, professionals did not prevent it to be date palm fruits diet. The fact is, the saturation of these exotic fruits are pretty fast, so people simply can not eat a lot of them.

In addition, figs help to produce the so-called “happy hormones”, that is, endorphins, which help to better tolerate a mono-diet.

Duration date diet should be no more than ten days, during this time, you can get rid of approximately six to eight pounds of unwanted weight. During the first days a person can eat the dried fruit in unlimited quantities, also it is necessary to drink still water and green tea. In the following days of your diet need to diversify. He can eat green apples and oranges.

The main disadvantage of palm diet is the paucity of the diet. Despite the fact that the composition dates includes a huge number of nutrients, these fruits are not able to provide the human body with all necessary components. Therefore, when compliance with this power system it is necessary to take vitamin complexes. Before you start this observe mono-diet, one should consult with experts. Date diet is recommended for people with diseases of the digestive system, as well as for those with diabetes.

If human labor activity requires physical or intellectual load, it is not advisable to follow this diet, since the lack of nutrients can cause a decrease in the activity of brain cells, moreover, may develop depression.

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