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Most modern ordinary people simply can not imagine their existence without coffee. And it is not even the fact that this drink can help to Wake up and get yourself heavy in the morning. The vast majority of people just love the taste, which has a flavored coffee, as well as sensations that he is able to give. How to position a new product of modern cosmetology as a coffee scrub for cellulite?

Despite the rather common belief that coffee can bring huge benefits to our body. Indeed, scientists have shown that the drink improves mental state, reduces the risk of stress and depression, increases physical activity and even improves digestion. What’s there to say – the list is almost endless.

In addition, in a fragrant drink huge amounts of antioxidants, can prevent aging of the skin, and he wins on this issue even vegetables, vegetable oils and fruits.

If a girl has already started photoproto struggle with cellulite, then it could not fail to notice – many scrubs designed to combat cellulite in their composition will contain coffee. Indeed, needless to say, to Wake up in the morning, we are capable of caffeine… and applied topically it will bring enormous amounts of pleasure.

It turns out that now there is no need to spend money on rather expensive cosmetic products – effective drug, it is possible to make yourself. How do you do it? Try to understand.

So, when exposed to caffeine body, there is increased blood circulation. Sodium and fluid in record time are derived from the cells of the body, but potassium is the most active penetrates to the fat cells. If a particularly problematic place to grind scrubs, having in its composition the most important element of a fragrant drink, the cellulite will simply split, and the circulation of the blood to rise, and very much.

Has the same caffeine ability to contract and compress blood vessels – according to one version, thus you can get rid from varicose veins.

Many ladies who have tried various scrubs, add to all these properties as well and that notorious aroma of the divine drink can help to stimulate the nervous system, improve mood. If we are talking about daily use, skin will become softer and smoother.

Coffee scrub is the best assistant for those women whose skin’s own elasticity lost, and the aging process develops at a rapid pace. In particular, it stimulates metabolic processes, aktiviziruyutsya production of enzymes that are able to control the level of cholesterol. It is due to the scrub there is a restoration of the protective layer of the dermis and moisture balance.

What is the result?

The skin becomes taut and smooth, the contours of the face become more defined. Without a trace disappear swelling, the skin regains softness, uvlazhnennosti, you lose the feeling of tightness.

The main advantage of this approach is that caffeine scrub at home is very simple and, most importantly, very cheap.

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