As 1 month to lose weight

It is unlikely that someone will be able to build a house in just one day, but even if there were such a craftsman, certainly no one has vouched for the strength of the walls. However, the same thing we try to do to quickly lose weight. Swear that forever sit on a diet tomorrow, and will run a sprint.

The key to the solution is actually simple – move at your own pace. Drop a pinch in every day and in a month the hole will not be deep. “Changes in the mind first, but every small achievement makes closer big dream,” says Rhonda Britten, author of “Change your life in 30 days“. “Every time scheduled can, you want to drop everything and do even more.”

So, how to lose weight in one month.

It’s simple arithmetic: to drop a pound (450 g) extra weight per week you need every day to limit their power consumption by 500 calories. Use any online calculator to calculate the energy of food needed to maintain your present weight. Then start to take away.

To drop a 2 pound (900 g) per week, you must additionally exercise. But that’s not all. “You have to define exactly what “bad” food habits hinder you, outline a plan to overcome them and implement it,” says Pamela Peak, MD, author of “Body for life”. Following the plan of Dr. Rush, you will be able to “engage” with 4 being the worst stereotypes in eating and to lose weight in a month.

1st week of the month. This is my size.

Look at the labels of prepared or offal is often on the label indicate the number of servings in the one packaging. It will be easier to determine what is food for one person. It is desirable that the piece of meat, fish or chicken does not exceed the size of a credit card, a pancake – a standard CD, one slice of cheese – a matchbox, and lettuce in collapsed form is placed in the glass.

2nd week of the month. Healthy Breakfast.

Studies show that people who dropped a lot of excess weight, were religious, and so in the morning normally eat. The purpose of Breakfast is to get some lean protein (50 g of cheese, 2 slices of ham and bacon), a little “good” fat (one tablespoon of olive oil) and good carbohydrates (oatmeal or bread flour). You can also mix the morning with one-egg omelet with vegetables and the same low-fat cheese or pour a glass of fat-free yogurt 1/3 Cup granola.

3rd week of the month. Not to eat after dinner.

When the children are asleep and the house was quiet and calm, we are often so attracted to the refrigerator. Instead of having to break your diet, reward yourself in some other way. Pick up the phone and talk with a friend, play some game with my husband or relieve the burden of care in the chic bath with pink foam. If you absolutely can’t tolerate, not too much will be low-calorie (200 calories) ice cream.

4th week of the month. Curb afternoon rumbling.

Afternoon, from 3 to 5 is the time when you are likely to want to eat. This is the simplest of what you had to do in order to lose weight in one month. It is only necessary to prepare. Just save some lunch and now eat. It can be half portions of Turkey, or one small piece of chicken with greens. In addition, a snack before lunch prevent overeating.

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