4 secrets of those who lost weight and kept fit

Weight loss is one thing, but to keep in shape is sometimes not so easy. That’s why researchers at brown school of Medicine and the University of Colorado began to maintain a database called the national weight control register, which includes data from more than 5,000 people who lost an average of 29.9 kg and avoided re-weight gain for 5 years without any surgery. From a survey of these successfully lost weight people, scientists have identified 4 things common to all participants in the study.

1. Always have Breakfast

78% of respondents did not miss Breakfast. Other studies have shown that people who regularly skip Breakfast are 4.5 times more likely to be obese. Those who eat Breakfast every morning tend to consume fewer calories throughout the day. All this is due to the characteristics of our body: we tend to be more active during the day, and meals or snacks are designed to maintain our strength after the main meal. In other words, if you eat plentifully in the evening, when your activity level is reduced, you get much more calories than the body needs and are not able to burn them, which means that all the unspent calories will go into fat deposits. Porridge is the best Breakfast in the morning: cut and peeled Apple or pear put in a Cup, add a pinch of spices for Apple pie, a quarter Cup of oat flakes and two tablespoons of chopped almonds. Perfect for this Cup of latte, seasoned with crushed vanilla pod.

2. Don’t forget to weigh yourself

75% of people participating in the survey are weighed at least once a week. Studies show that daily weighing is more useful for long-term weight control. But it is very important to know that it is normal for body weight to fluctuate for several days or even several hours. For example, if your food was saltier than usual today, you will drink a little more water, which will lead to a slight increase in body weight until excess sodium and liquid are released from the body. But weekly weighing will allow you to determine the usual weight for you and take it as a sample, because it is important to see the changes in weight in one direction or another and understand the reasons for this. You may realize that you eat too much during the day or you don’t pay attention to the portion size. This weight control system can be an important step on the way to weight loss. If you don’t like to weigh in because the numbers on the scales are disappointing, choose pants or jeans as the “dimensional ruler.” If they become too narrow, should look to the habits.

3. off the TV

62% of respondents watch TV less than 10 hours a week. This is a very important point in the fight against overweight. Watching TV burns calories much more slowly than reading or sleeping. Researchers call it a”television trance.” In addition, on TV often advertise different food, and this leads to the fact that you eat 30 – 70% more. I have friends who got rid of the TV in the apartment for a long time, but for me some programs are a way to relax after working days or to escape at least for some time from reality. But watch it is not more than 10 hours a week. While watching your favorite TV series, try to do something active, for example, iron the clothes or do the cleaning.

4. Do exercises

90% of participants in the survey do exercises for about an hour a day. This figure may seem huge, especially when you consider that more than 60% of Americans lead a low-activity lifestyle, and 25% – are not active at all, according to the Center for disease control and prevention. It does not mean that you need to study continuously for 60 minutes. You can exercise 15 minutes before work, 15 minutes during lunch and 30 minutes in the evening after dinner. And it is not necessary to enroll in gyms, you can walk more, ride a bike or even dance

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