The healing properties of rye flour for hair

We all know the benefits of bread made from rye flour or, for example, kvass. But if you say that using flour is to wash your hair, many will be surprised and will take it as a joke. However, it really is. Flour can be an alternative to conventional or dry shampoo.

The main rule is to wash it only need cool, high lukewarm water to avoid swelling and turning the dough. Also from rye flour make a great hair mask. Even our grandmothers knew how to use this technique.

Now in stores an abundance of different types of flour. You need to choose the product coarse grinding, it perfectly cleans your hair, giving them extra Shine and beauty.

Shampoos for gentle cleansing of hair and scalp based on rye flour

For the preparation of liquid shampoos it is necessary to take:

2st. L. rye flour, gradually increase the consistency with water.

To enter into the 1 teaspoon of mustard powder;

You can add a drop of your favorite essential oil.

You can now apply shampoo to the hair massaging movements starting from the roots. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water. I finish rinsing hair with a weak solution of Apple cider vinegar. Dry the hair in a natural way, not using the dryer.

Know-how are now dry shampoos. Their application is very convenient in situations where access to water is limited. For example, in airplanes, trains, camping or in the hospital. It is worth noting that the money they are worth a lot, and replace you can use regular rye flour. To wash dry a handful of rye flour is intensively rubbed into the hair roots, then thoroughly combed with a dense comb. Once all flour is eliminated, the hair will be shiny and fresh.

Hair mask: rye flour

Masks of flour also give excellent results. Depending on hair type and desired result, additional components can be:

For normal hair – rye flour is dissolved by infusion of nettles is added to the yolk. The mixture is applied to hair, wears top hat and held for hours;

For dry hair – sour cream mixed with flour, the mixture is brought to the desired consistency with water, injected with honey and a few drops of any essential oil;

For oily hair — mix the rye flour and ground ginger, dilute with water, add honey and lemon juice. The mask infused for half an hour, put under a cap and allowed to stand for about an hour.

What effect to expect from these funds?

Improves appearance of hair, they will become more healthy, well-groomed, shiny, soft to the touch;

Creates the effect of professional care;

After the procedure, the hair less dirty, do not require daily cleaning;

The hair will be easier to comb and style.

The difficulties can be attributed only to the fact that the complex of sminaemosti funds. But, believe me, healthy hair is worth the effort.

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