Ringworm in children

Ringworm of the child — a fairly common disease, which is a range of fungal and viral dermatoses. Infection in some cases can occur from a sick child or adult, through personal care items or toys.

In most cases the source of infection are animals: dogs and cats, which children love to cuddle and Pat. Especially dangerous such contact with animals, living on the street.

The likelihood of Contracting shingles increases with a weakened immune system, after or during illness, during an exacerbation of allergic reactions. There is a hypothesis that there is a genetic predisposition of the organism to the disease.

Treatment of zoster in children can occur in both fixed and at home, depending on the species. The most important rule: do not self-medicate the child, and to seek qualified medical help from a dermatologist.

The herpes caused by a fungus, often appear in warm season, whereas viral disease is a form of depriving the most aktiviziruyutsya in the autumn-winter period.

Physicians are divided to several types of lichen, which differ in the etiology and nature of the manifestations. Let us consider each of them.

Pityriasis versicolor in children

Signs of the appearance of tinea versicolor the child is the emergence of the so-called seborrheic area yellowish points, which rise to yellow-brown spots covered with scaly scales.

If the surface is a little scrape will appear flaky areas. The lesions gradually increase in size and coalesce into large elements.

Pityriasis versicolor in children is fungal in nature and tends not to darken when you tan. Ringworm thrive in warm and humid time of the year. Treatment of this type of lichen should be under the supervision of a dermatologist.

Herpes zoster in children

This species of lichen is the most dangerous to humans, can easily turn into a chronic form and last for a long time, causing irreparable harm.

If you suspect such a dangerous disease should immediately consult a doctor and begin treatment zoster in children. Medicine found that the cause of the appearance of herpes zoster is the virus.

When the disease of the child there is the appearance of bubbles with liquid pain, chills, high temperature. Shingles in children is a dangerous viral disease that requires immediate treatment.

Pityriasis rosea in children

When the disease of ringworm pink, the nature of which is not fully understood, there is one spot of pink color with pronounced red rim. This is the spot of dermatologists is called “mother” plaque from her in the future on the body there are “child” plaque.

Pityriasis rosea in children is most often localized on the shoulders, back, chest and stomach.

With the defeat of the pink skin deprive at the beginning there’s a little itching, but after 4-5 weeks pink stain gradually disappears. There is a risk of infection in affected areas in contact with clothing, or when washing.

Ringworm in children

Cause ringworm are fungi, affecting both the skin and hair and nails. When infected skin on the body appear red oval or round lesions with clear contours. The surface of ringworm is littered with scales and crusts. This disease causes itching and burning.

The hair on the lesion is well visible, due to the presence in the place of the infection short hair, with a length of 3-8 mm. Around the hearth can be a small numerous foci with similar symptoms.

If the parents found ringworm in children should immediately consult the dermatologist. The disease can spread quickly among children.

Lichen planus in children

Such a view of depriving the children get sick very rarely. Is a rash red pinpoint spots inside the liquid. Medicine unknown etiology of this disease.

Dermatologists have divided this question into several camps. Some believe that lichen planus in children is viral in nature, while others believe that it is associated with neurological diseases, others say that it is an allergic reaction.

In any case, this kind of depriving delivers the baby very uncomfortable, causing itching and scratching.

Rashes appear on the skin and mucous membranes, rarely infection can occur on the nail plates. Red nodules coalesce and form plaques with distinctive white scales on the surface.

Prevention of the disease

For the prevention of disease by different types of lichen, you need to observe hygiene and to teach your baby must wash their hands after communication with our smaller brethren.

Ringworm loves children with a weakened immune system, so you should contact a doctor for advice on how to strengthen the overall condition to do with your child regularly exercise, walk in the fresh air and take water treatments.

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