Overeating: the harm and complications

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Every woman wants to have beautiful figure. All want to lose weight and look slim and beautiful. The most common cause of extra pounds is overeating. You clearly need to make restrictions between satiety and gluttony. It is better to leave extra spoonful of soup in a bowl than to fill the stomach to capacity.


In the first place with overeating loss brings the heart. As the internal organs thus increase in size, the heart should be enriched with the blood of more territory to contract more. So the first problem with regular gluttony appear in the cardiovascular system: high blood pressure, hypertension.

Hormonal cycle in overweight people are also susceptible to violation. The body is experiencing a shortage of thyroid hormone, the metabolism is disturbed. In women, it promotes failure in the menstrual cycle. The weight of these problems disappear.

Do not remain indifferent with overeating and bones. The joints in the body wear out faster. By the way, people who have excess weight, all the diseases carry harder.

What do you do to get rid of habits of overeating? First you need to replace the bowl from which you eat. The plates should be small, as a result, and the portions will be small. For example, it is possible to fold their hands together and make them into a dish — that is so much our stomach will accommodate without problems, the rest is unnecessary and will affect the stretching of the stomach.

However, eating less how much used, difficult. There are a few tips on how not to overeat before a meal, turn on soothing music, tune in to relaxing mood; eat slowly, then fullness will come faster; the plates should be a dark color — blue or black, psychologists say that these colors help to reduce appetite; you do not need to eat a lot of spices, salt.

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