How to treat a dead voice

When the voice becomes sipsi, it could be one of the causes of ARI and ARI. Inflamed vocal cords and the voice, “sits down,” the man says in a whisper, and that something to say you need to strain the vocal chords and the result is heard a hoarse voice.

What to do in such a situation and what is effective treatment in this case would be appropriate? Let’s deal. I note that if the background of the dead voice there are no longer any symptoms, the particular treatment may not be necessary.

Sat voice of reason

In most cases, causes dead voices is the onset of cold weather, when starting colds. I, for example, the night sore throat, and in the morning a voice.

Also the voice can get people who talk a lot. Ligaments get overworked, the voice sits, and in the larynx there is inflammation.

Ligaments can be damaged not only due to pathogens and speaking skills, but also from allergic reactions. For example, the air in the apartment is too dry, used a lot of cold drinks, smoke a lot.

If time does not draw attention and does not solve the problem associated with a dead voice, as well as what reasons contributed to this, this problem may develop into a running form. Especially if you got the voice of your child, this is not a joke.

The danger of neglect is acute pain in the throat even when swallowing saliva. Possible starts laryngitis. Read here, what is laryngitis. You must immediately contact to doctor so that the infection does not spread throughout the mucosa of the throat.

What is an effective treatment for shrunken voice?

Urgent action is needed. If no fever, make inhalation poparte legs with mustard, drink warm tea with lemon. After these procedures, you need to go to bed and a good shelter. These methods partially solve the problem of shrunken voices, but treatment should continue.

Use the people’s recipes:

For an adult, to eliminate a dead on 200 grams of warm beer;

During the day you need to gargle;

Chew a small piece of the leaf Golden mustache;

To finely grated onion, add one large spoonful of sugar, wait an hour. Squeeze the juice and drink it five times a day after meals;

Gargle with warm mineral water.

And yet, dear readers, if you got the voice, the treatment must appoint a physician. In addition to pharmaceutical drugs good advice — not to talk. Do not drink cool drinks and to not eat heated food.

It would be best if during treatment you refrain from hot spices and seasonings, food should be warm and liquid. Drink more warm tea, broth hips, various fruit drinks. Be healthy!

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