Exercises for the legs

In addition to daily hygiene for the feet, very useful and necessary to do calisthenics.

The complex of simple exercises that will not take you much time will help your legs keep healthy for years to come. The only condition is to do exercises daily, and not from case to case.

1. Working on foot. Standing on one leg, make rotational motion foot other foot. 10 times one side or the other. The feet are replaceable.

2. Working on the fingers. Standing on one leg, bend and straighten the fingers of the other legs. Then change legs. Exercises do 20 times.

Leg to put right. To rise on tiptoes for 5 seconds. get down on whole foot. Repeat this exercise 15 times.

3. Working on the knees. Legs put together, hands round his knees and make a circular motion with knees 20 times in each direction.

Working on the hip joints. Standing on one leg, a second leg raise and bent at the knee. Hands put on the waist. To make a circular motion of the bent leg back, then forward 10 times. To change the leg and repeat the exercise.

Bare feet walk around the room, first on tiptoe, then on heels, then on the outer side of the foot, then on the inside. So go for 2 — 3 minutes.

Sit in a chair, slightly raise your legs, bend them at the knees, relax your muscles and shake the feet vigorously for about 10 seconds. After this exercise, massage your palms to the calves of the legs.

Very useful massage. It can be done using a tennis ball or rolling pin. Sit in a chair and just roll it a foot ball or a rolling pin. For this massage you can use wood filler for cats. It is made from coniferous trees, so it is completely natural. Spilling such a filler in the bowl and just walk through it legs.

And a few more tips for foot health.

Wear only comfortable shoes. Tight or very loose shoes may be the cause of many troubles — foot deformities, curvature of toes, calluses, flat feet.

Too high heel absolutely unacceptable for casual shoes. Shoes that are heel evening shoes.

Try to buy shoes made of natural leather. In shoes made of artificial leather leg is not breathing. This can lead to excessive sweating of the feet and unpleasant smell.

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