Angina (Tonsillitis) in children treatment

Tonsillitis in children – causes, symptoms, treatment of angina in children parents very often. Why is this happening? What is angina? Angina is an infectious disease, it affects the throat, tonsils occurs inflammatory.

If you speak the medical language it is called tonsillitis. Angina causes severe intoxication of the whole organism. Children often get sick with tonsillitis than adults.

Causes of sore throat in children

Children often get sick with tonsillitis in the fall, winter. Mostly due to the fact that the bad eating, the diet a little healthy food, spend little time outdoors. It affects the immunity of the child, besides, it adds any hypothermia, use of cold drinks, frozen legs.

There are certain factors that contribute to this disease: weakened immune system, the tonsils do not cope with its task “barrier function”. It’s because of fatigue, hypothermia, inadequate nutrition and chronic diseases, the contact with the ill person. It is a disease made by airborne droplets.

It is important to know the symptoms of angina that would be the time, to properly initiate treatment.

The following symptoms of tonsillitis in children

The main symptoms include severe pain in the throat, increased tonsils, lymph nodes, high fever, General malaise, fatigue, sleep disturbance, bad breath.

By the way, few people know, but during the period of illness the child has bad breath. Read the article. Breath from a baby.

When the doctor palpated the submandibular, parotid lymph nodes, then the child feels painful to touch, they are enlarged.

Read “the child has an inflamed lymph node behind the ear?”, you will all know about the lymph nodes.

During examination of the oral cavity there is a strong redness of the sky, the almonds of the throat. Angina is always reflected on his vocal cords this regard, there is the hoarse voice of the child.

The angina has several forms, it is crucial to determine it. To make a diagnosis, tests. On the basis of all results, the doctor will put the correct diagnosis.

Depending on the causative agent of the inflammatory process klassificeret sore throat: bacterial, fungal, viral.

What is angina?

Suppurative tonsillitis in children. On the tonsils, during the inspection, visible pus is a whitish or yellowish coating. The plaque may cover the tonsils on one or both sides, they are very red, much enlarged.Tonsillitis in children – causes, symptoms, treatment

Herpes sore throat. Temperature up to 39°C, in the mouth a rash in a few hours the rash becomes watery bubbles. A complication of meningitis.

Catarrhal sore throat. Dry mouth, tickle in my throat, the lymph nodes increase, severe headache, there is a General weakness, drowsiness. Tonsils themselves are enlarged, covered with foil.

Fungal sore throat. Temperature up to 38°C, the tonsils covered with white bloom. The main cause is the fungi that appear as a result of intestinal dysbiosis after taking antibiotics. So along with antibiotics you must drink at least a Linex to the intestine.

Follicular sore throat. Body temperature to 39°C, severe pain in the head, there chills, fever. Tonsils in a child covered with a coating of circular spots.

Lacunar tonsillitis. Symptoms such angina is similar to the follicular disease more severe. The tonsils appear yellowish spots, white color.

This disease is usually treated from one week to ten days. Successful treatment depends on correct diagnosis, correct prescribed medication.

Therefore, it is necessary to show the child the doctor. The doctor will first determine what a sore throat and then prescribe treatment.

Angina in children treatment

Treatment of angina depends on the age of the child, severity of the disease. All drugs and antibiotics are selected children’s pediatrician on the basis of the results of the analyses of the causes of the disease. Do not self-medicate.

If you are treating a sore throat at home, follow simple terms and conditions: only bed rest. If the legs to endure a sore throat, you can break the heart, to make meningitis. By the way, now I understand why Mama always said I was in bed during his illness; to drink more; often gargle. Read how to gargle, in the room of the child should be moist air; not scarletite child. When it becomes easier, then the child himself will tell you that you’re hungry. Feed him warm, soft food.

Treatment of angina folk remedies

More to drink warm sweet tea with lemon, fruit compote. The pharmacy sells herbs for colds. If the temperature rises, shoot her. If runny, spray vasoconstrictor drops, let’s take antihistamines to relieve the swelling in the larynx, let’s take half a tea spoon of honey, it will lubricate the throat.

Features of treatment of small children

To treat a sore throat in very young children is actually a challenging task. And challenging, because of all the local methods used as therapy almost impossible, although this is a great effect, fast recovery. To treat in a local way allowed children older than two years. In this regard, these babies should be treated in a generic manner.

Antibiotics are prescribed parenterally, that is very tough for kids.

To avoid the disease, conduct prevention. Watch for children, dress for the weather, so he’s not sweating, not cold. You will succeed and sore throats in life your child will be less.

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